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Select a Civil, Religious or Interfaith Ceremony

  • Civil - Without religious connotation. Very similar to a religious ceremony but without mention of god. Officiant wears a suit and black judge's robe.
  • Religious - Non-denominational Christian. Has mention of God and Jesus, scriptural readings, a blessing of the rings, sharing of the wine and unity candle celebrations. Officiant wears a clerical collar and a minister's robe.
  • Interfaith - Usually Jewish and Christian. Has mention of God but not Jesus, scriptural reading from the Old Testament, breaking of the glass and unity candle (or sharing of the wine) celebrations. Officiant wears a suit and black (judge's) robe. Wine, candles and glass are supplied at no charge.
  • Renewal - Either with civil or religious overtones, a renewal ceremony celebrates the Wedding anniversary. Many couples renew their vows at the traditional 25th and 50th year, but others do it any time simply for the sake of reliving the moment of their original solemnization.
All religious beliefs accomodated.
Ceremonies also performed in Spanish.

All services include the following...

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Non-Denominational Waterfront Chapel
The Rev. Dr. David Adamovich
Ordained, Registered Minister

-- Legal Marriage Officiant --
876 Guy Lombardo Ave. Freeport, NY 11520
(516) 546- 1425