The Processional

  1. The Officiant walks up the aisle followed by the Groom and Best Man, side by side (Groom on the left) taking position as shown, looking
    down the aisle
  2. The Bride's Maids and Ushers are paired (shortest pair first). Bride's Maids at the Usher's left. They walk up the aisle and pair off to the sides. Last up, furthest out.
  3. The Maid of Honor walks up the aisle alone - stands as shown.
  4. Ring Bearer & Flower Girl follow as a pair or alone. They usually stand near the BM/MH
(Optionally, the Ring Bearer may walk alone, first or in line)
Line-Up As Shown Below

  1. The escort stands to the Bride's left(Bride "hooks" escorts right arm) to walk up the aisle. Stop & kiss at the first row of seats. Groom approaches.
  2. The Groom & escort shake hands. The escort parts leftward to the front row of seats.
  3. The Groom steps backward and to the Bride's right, putting out his left arm. She "hooks." They proceed forward to the stand before the Officiant.

The Order of Events
Presentation of the Bridal Party/The Processional
Opening Remarks
Consent to Marry
The Exchange of Vows
The Exchange of Rings
The Wine and/or Unity Candle Celebrations
Congratulatory Remarks
The Legal Pronouncement
The Kiss
The Recessional
Wagner's "Lohengrin"
Officiant to the Bride and Groom
Groom to Bride/Bride to Groom
Groom to Bride/Bride to Groom
The Wedding Party
The Newlyweds
Mendelsohn's "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

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